Neighborhood FAQs

Neighborhood Beautification FAQs

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Hillsborough County Animal Services 813-744-5660

Did you know that all dog owners are required to keep their dogs on a leash, and to pick up after their dog? Please help keep our neighborhood clean and safe. Nobody likes to step in dog doo. If you walk your dog, bring a bag with you so that no mess is left behind, and encourage others to clean up after their dog too. If you see a stray dog, please report it to Hillsborough County Animal Services at 744-5660. If the stray dog appears to be a threat, call the Tampa Police Non-Emergency Number at 242-3800.

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Hillsborough County Animal Services

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What are Feral Cats?

Feral cats are the offspring of stray or abandoned household pets. Raised without human contact, they quickly revert to a wild nature and form colonies where food and shelter are available. They are not spayed or neutered, so they reproduce to the limits of their food supply.

What Can I Do?

Feral cats become a public nuisance, but you can help control their numbers with by participating in a Trap-Neuter-Return program. This is a humane alternative to euthanasia. The steps involved are to: gain the trust of a feral cat, catch it in a live trap, take it to a clinic to be spayed or neutered, monitor the cat in the trap for a day, then return the cat to its colony. If you would like to participate in a Trap-Neuter-Return program, please contact Petra Gearhart with the ASPCA at 625-0910 or

80 Million Cats in 10 Years?!

Here is how 12 uncontrolled breeding cats will multiply, based on 2 litters per year with 2.8 surviving per litter. Data provided by the Human Society of Tampa Bay.

Year 1 – 12 cats
Year 2 – 66 cats
Year 3 – 382 cats
Year 4 – 2,201 cats
Year 5 – 12,680 cats
Year 6 – 73,041 cats
Year 7 – 420,715 cats
Year 8 – 2,423,316 cats
Year 9 – 13,968,290 cats
Year 10- 80,399,780 cats

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Property Maintenance

The City of Tampa Code Enforcement Department works to make sure quality of life standards are met and maintained. The goal is to ensure properties are in compliance with city code, including such things as zoning requirements, overgrown lots and yards, inoperative vehicles, maintenance of structure, illegal signs and public nuisances.

What You Can Do

The Palmetto Beach Neighborhood Association wants to work together to help property owners be aware of code violations, and help them correct the problem before City Code Enforcement imposes a fine that could result in a serious legal matter. If you have received a notice of violation, have difficulty coming in to compliance, or would like to register a complaint, please contact the Code Enforcement Department at 274-5545, or visit the web at

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Tampa Code Enforcement

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Call TECO at 813-223-0080

If you notice a problem streetlight, please report it to TECO. Within a week, it should be repaired. Problems may include a broken globe on light, and a light that stays on, off, or flickers. Please provide the 10-digit number and/or 6-digit silver tag number from the tag on the pole of the light that is malfunctioning. Give them as much information as possible, including your name and telephone number, so they can contact you if more information is needed. The report form in on the web at or call 223-0080. If the light pole is located in DeSoto Park, call the Clean City Hotline at 931-2133. You will need your account number and email address when you make a report online.

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Report a Shoes on Power Line (or Tree Limb) to TECO
Report a Streetlight Out to TECO

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Illegal Dumping is a Crime!

Illegal dumping is more than just an eyesore, it is a criminal offense. It depreciates property value and attracts crime to the surrounding area. The cost of collecting illegal dumping affects every citizen of the City. If you witness an illegal dumping in progress, obtain the tag number and call the Tampa Police non-emergency number at (813) 231-6130. After the Police Department has responded, call the Solid Waste Department at (813) 348-1111 extension 3 for collection of the debris if it is on City right of way. If the illegal dumping occurred on private property, report it to the Department of Code Enforcement, (813) 274-5545.


More Info from City Solid Waste Department

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Tampa Clean City – Take Action Hotline: 931-2133

Clean City is a division of City of Tampa Neighborhood Services Department. Clean City provides maintenance services to Palmetto Beach by removing graffiti, picking up litter in public streets and city-owned lots, and maintaining the landscape of roadway medians and city owned vacant lots. You can help keep Palmetto Beach clean just by picking up the phone! When you see litter along streets or graffiti anywhere, call the Take Action Hotline 931-2133 and leave a detailed message. You may also report problems on the web at

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Tampa Clean City



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