Since its beginnings in 1867, historic Palmetto Beach has established itself as a neighborhood rich in history, culture and diversity.

It’s one of Tampa’s true jewels. Its location offers a central position on the outskirts of Tampa’s urban core.

It is flanked by Ybor City to the North, Brandon to the Southeast, Downtown & Channelside to the West and sparkling McKay Bay to the East.

For families and young professionals seeking homes shoulder to shoulder with Tampa’s central business district, Palmetto Beach offers a special attraction.

“The Beach” is home to one of the best public parks Tampa has to offer, Desoto Park. Desoto Park allows its residents to enjoy the bay front along with a full sports complex, swimming pool, as well as a skate park and community pavilion. This landmark has been Palmetto Beach’s main gathering point for most community functions throughout its existence. In fact it dates back to President Teddy Roosevelt camping out with his Rough Riders on the site where the park sits now prior to heading off to battle in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

Across from Desoto Park is Desoto Elementary School one of Tampa’s first public schools. Desoto has just recently been restored and improved both physically & academically. It’s the result of a multi-year effort by the mayor’s office, the county school board and the local community. Fortunately for the residents of Palmetto Beach it is a school that has a smaller capacity than most public schools. That ensures parents that their children have smaller class sizes to allow more attention from their teachers.

[alert color=blue]Palmetto Beach residents enjoy more than one beautiful vista. Tampa’s downtown skyline rises to the west. Colorful McKay Bay stretches off to the east. All it takes is a single stroll down Bermuda Boulevard — you’ll fall in love with this hidden gem. When you visit, or meet someone that is from here, you will notice a great sense of neighborhood pride. With all this community has to offer, it is easy to see why.[/alert]

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